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Why Ford ASSET?

What is ASSET?
Why Ford ASSET?
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A Student's view of the Ford ASSET Program

      My name is John Walker. I am a Student at Springfield Technical Community College, Massachusetts. I have been in the Ford ASSET Program for over a year now. My experience going through this program is very good. I give the credit to my instructors. My lecture instructor goes to every limit in teaching us the topics need to be covered in the ASSET curriculum and even adds many of other things, not necessary in the curriculum, that will help us in the field and make us successful Ford certified technicians. Most of the extras also prepare the students for the ASE (Automotive Sevrice Excellence) certification exams. Once all Ford and ASE Certifications are achieved, you are granted the title of Senior Master Technician and will be valued greatly in the Ford world and will be greatly respected and looked upon by other Make dealership you may descide to apply at. After finishing graduating, some graduate students claimed immediate salary boosts up to $18 dollars an hour. From there it is guaranteed to rise through gain of experienced and your value in your dealership. If you want to go a step ahead, you will have almost all the tools needed to open up your own private repair shop and move up the ranks. 
     The prerequisite instructors offer us all the help we need to get the credits in our run for our Associates Degree. This is one of the only Programs that offers an Associates Degree. Once in the program you are also given a sponsoring dealership that will be your home for paid cooperative training throughout your school year (Not true in all schools. Some schools offer paid training right on campus). The classes are fit into a tight but manageable schedule, therefore there is no reason for anyone to fail classes if they at least their best. This is one of the greatest if not the best Automotive Training Program around and I would most recommend Springfield Technical Community College for the Ford ASSET Training program.
If you are interested in STCC and want more info on the ASSET Program offered there, follow this link to the college's webpage:

Please note that this is not my original work and all credit goes to Ford Motor Company for the links for web pages. Thanks. John Walker.