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NBA Live 2004 Patches by The_Truth

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I can see that people are still visiting this site. I will have it up and running for several more months then.

Here you go. The long awaited Cincinatti Bearcats Team Update finally released. Grab it under the C section.

I'm running out of money so I won't be able to pay for my patch host. Donations are welcome. Check on the lower right hand side, click the picture and donate whatever amount your heart allows. :) Well. I will try to pull it through as much as I can, but then that's it. I'll be gone if Idon't find a job or money soon.

Cincinatti Team Update ready for release. I will upload soon.

Sean Rooks and Andrew Declercq made by T_Mac released.
T_mac made two more missing players. Jabari Smith and Josh Davis. A few more to come.
T_Mac released two more missing player updates: Maurice Carter and Leon Smith. Alot more to come.
T_Mac made 3 more missing player updates. Alexander Pavlovic, Josh Moore, and Matt Carroll.
T_Mac updated his RJ and Cook.
I Updated the site. Now instead of Downloads 1,2,3 i have A-Z. You guys can look at the list of players made by either me (The Truth) T_Mac or Carter15 on the right hand side, then click on the appropriate link (ex. A-C) on the navigation bar.


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Tutorial for Creating Player Photos for NBA Live

Download Here!

Patches i have made so far:
Jamaal Lucas
Tony Bobbitt
Field Williams
Jason Maxiell
Jarvis Hayes
Trevor Ariza
Taliek Brown
Nick Williams
Kareem Johnson
Jerry Stackhouse
Patches T_Mac has made so far:
UConn Team Update
Pittsburgh Team Update
Jerome Williams
Hassan Adams
Vince Carter
Chucky Atkins
Tyson Chandler
Derek Anderson
Brendan Haywood
Maciej Lampe
Alvin Williams
Steve Francis
Ruben Patterson
Michael Curry
Richard Jefferson
Zaur Pachulia
10 Missing Players
Andrew Declerq
Sean Rooks
Patches Carter15 has made so far:
Jermaine O'Neal